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Seen by The White House and nearly 2 million elementary school students since 1994.

“A great assembly that’s fun and informative, includes INCREDIBLE support materials, a message reinforcing souvenir for each student and has been hosted by over 1,000 schools from across the country and brought back by schools 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and even 12 years in a row!

Research has shown that an incident of bullying occurs every SEVEN minutes. One in three third graders who took part in a recent survey reported being frequently threatened, hit, kicked or pushed by other children at their schools. With the rise in school violence, the time to deal with bullying is NOW!

Of course this increase in bullying has not gone unnoticed.
Parents demand something be done. School districts plan initiatives. State and federal governments issue mandates.

But where does the “buck stop” with all of this?? Well, if you’re a school counselor, principal or PTA parent, I’m guessin’ it’s you. Help has arrived…

 “Discover how an assembly program will be the BULLY-FREE CORNERSTONE of your entire school year”

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 10.30.36 AMMy name is Chris Dixon and for the past 25 years I’ve presented assembly programs to over one million elementary and middle school students. Twice I’ve been invited to perform for the First Family at The White House. In all these years, I’ve never presented a program as important and impacting as The Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show.

 An Important Message…

“Great program!! The program was worthwhile and the students understood the message. They can identify a bully and know what to do when faced with a bully.”
Principal, Curtisville Primary Center

In this program your students learn what bullying is — physical violence, verbal taunts and excluding classmates. They learn bullying hurts the entire student body (not just the victims) and they learn what to do when they encounter bullying: The Four S.T.A.R. Steps™:

Stick together — students must do the right thing no matter whom is bullied. Bullying is everybody’s problem, not just the kids who are bullied.
Tell the bully to stop– especially when someone else is being bullied. Most bullying has bystanders — make sure you’re an innocent bystander who does the right thing!
Alert an adult at school and home — especially bullying that happens in places where there aren’t many adults watching — bus, recess, hallway, restroom, etc.
Respect others! Be a friend — don’t deal with bullies by becoming a bully! Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

The information shared in this program is researched based and has been used and praised by hundreds of schools nationwide.

But Having A Great Message Is Just HALF The Picture! Why?

The Best Message In The World Will Be Ignored If It Is Not Delivered In An Effective And Exciting Manner That Will Connect With Your Students!

 “The program teaches about bullying in a fun and non-threatening way. It holds students’ interest by actively involving them in the performance. It’s exciting and magical.”
Principal, Gearity Elementary

It’s a universally recognized fact that children love programs that have audience participation, comedy and magic. In this program, these qualities are used as powerful teaching tools without ever losing focus on the important message.

“Excellent! The magic component kept the students’ attention while delivering a powerful message. The message was not lost in the fun and magic. Thank you!”
Principal, Harry S Truman Elementary

This combination of message and entertainment accomplishes three very important goalsFirst, it makes a very serious message fun to discuss without losing any of the message’s impact. Talking about bullying can feel more than a little threatening to a second grader who feels “picked on.” By presenting this message in a fun, interactive way and still teaching the important lessons, all students benefit.

Second, the combination of message and entertainment makes the message easier to understand and remember. Most messages just enter the mind through the ears. The messages in the Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show enter the minds of your students through their ears, eyes, their own voices and audience participation. The program is a fun, highly visual experience. And don’t worry about not having enough space for this program — we are experts at bringing a VERY BIG SHOW to even the smallest schools.

Third, only an entertaining program will keep your kids interested and focused. How many times have you experienced the horror of an assembly presenter that can’t control the kids? It’s the worst, isn’t it? That won’t happen with the Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show™. We are the experts at creating assemblies that emphasize audience control and regularly receive comments like this:

“Chris Dixon held the attention and control of the entire audience for the duration of the program which is quite remarkable considering the attention span of K & 1 students. The children were entertained and included in the performance which relayed an important message. My class is still talking about it and they remember the Bully-Free Steps!”
Teacher, Freeport Elementary

Q: “Chris, all of this sounds great but how can a 45 minute assembly create a bully-free school?”

A: I understand why you’d ask that. Too many assemblies are little more than “fun shows” without any life-changing merit.While fun has its place, I realize schools which host our program have something much more important in mind. If I was only offering your school a performance of this assembly, it would be worth every penny but this fantastic assembly IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!  We give your school a huge bullying prevention toolbox — support materials that you can use for the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR!

Get Over $450.00 Worth Of Support Materials Absolutely FREE!

Your Students Don’t Just Hear The Information. They Apply It!  Several years ago we regularly sold the printed/bound version of these support materials for over $450.00, but you will receive ALL of them absolutely FREE — YES, FREE– when you host the Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show™!


Ask yourself, “Why would you bring a bullying assembly to your school?” One reason is so you don’t have to create the special event yourself. A great assembly saves you a TON of work. But if the assembly doesn’t supply you with great support materials to follow up the program then YOU have to create them and the assembly has actually ADDED to your workload. That’s why we give you nearly FIVE POUNDS of bullying prevention materials! No other bullying assembly does this.

Each of your students receives this message-reinforcing educational souvenir. The back of it contains the BULLY-FREE PLEDGE: ★I promise not to bully.★I promise to help those who are bullied. ★I promise to respect others and treat them as I would like to be treated.★I promise not to hit others, exclude others or call others names.★I promise to take the Four S.T.A.R. Steps to dealing with bullies.★I promise to do my best to create a bully-free school.

#1 Kids must be given the right “tools” to allow them to apply the information. I want to literally put something in their hands that will make implementation almost automatic — so I give you a Bully-Free Membership Card for each of your students. This high-gloss, full-color card lists the Four S.T.A.R. Steps™ and is something students will keep with them every day! On the back of the card, is the all-important Bully-Free Pledge for your students. It’s the ultimate message reinforcing educational souvenir!!  (A $45.00 value!!)

As one child put it

“I already got in trouble with a bully. I used the steps on my card and it was great!”
Sarah, grade four student, Maytown Elementary

#2 Literally the BEST support materials offered by an assembly program we’ve heard of It makes the impact of the assembly last ALL YEAR LONG with an ENTIRE YEAR’S WORTH of bullying prevention tools!  It’s yours for FREE when you host the Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show. Here’s what’s in it:

FORTY –FIVE Easy Lesson Plans To Carry The Impact of the Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show Throughout the ENTIRE YEAR! These will serve as your “CD road map” to bullying prevention success!! 

This “toolkit” is like having an entire bullying prevention seminar dropped in your lap — and it can be FREE when you host our assembly program!!

Combined with this “toolbox of support materials”,  this single assembly program can become the BULLY-FREE CORNERSTONE of your entire school year!

May I tell you the two best parts of presenting this program? The things I enjoy the most?

First, when during the assembly your students are able to recite the Four S.T.A.R. Steps. In the span of just forty-five minutes they have internalized this important information.

Second, and this is my favorite part, when I get letters from kids like this:

“I’m glad you came to our school. Now a lot of people aren’t bullies anymore.
Jenna, grade four student, Lincoln Elementary

And letters from parents like this:

“Dear Chris Dixon~ I just wanted to thank you for leaving such a strong positive impression on my daughter. She came home and talked about you and the assembly for HOURS!!! Her little oath card is in her wallet and she looks at it and reads it everyday!!! Thank you so much! “
Melissa Dean, Parent, Five Points Elementary School

 And letters from educators like this:

“The day after the students watched your program, a 2nd grade student told a lunch time aide that he witnessed a classmate being bullied by a 5th grade student. He proceeded to tell her he was going to “stick with” his classmate at lunch that day. He also shared that he had something in his pocket to ensure nothing would happen. With security measures in place, another lunch aide and the principal later questioned the student as to what he had in his pocket to protect his classmate. He seemed somewhat nervous, but bravely pulled out his “Bully-Free Membership Card” he received from his teacher the previous day!! He then explained how he already did all 4 steps on the card. WOW!! We were all impressed! He said, ‘I’m NOT going to let someone bully my friend or anyone else.’ I think this story speaks for itself on how effective the program is with our students. Special thanks to Chris!
Barb Lewis, Fairview Elementary
PS – I have encouraged all 5 elementary schools in our district to continue this program.

“Yes, Chris, I want more information about this great program!

So What Should I Do Now?”

It’s easy! There are two ways to get more detailed information about this exciting program, including FEES (fees vary with travel times and number of presentations) and AVAILABLE DATES.

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Yours In Successful Bullying Prevention,

Chris Dixon