Two great faculty presentations for your school … 

“REAL Heroes Work In Schools!”

Four main points of the 45-minute presentation: 
1) A good chef can make a great lemonade … but only if they get the exact rightlemons. The real heroes at schools make smarter, happier kids from every kid imaginable, from every background, with every strength, with every challenge, fromevery community and every family situation! Anybody can make great lemonade with the specifically recommended lemons, but teachers year after year make great lemonade from every kind of produce in the grocery store – proving that all kids have great potential. 

2) See the big picture, but live in the moment. When an educator is burdened with a thousand and one tests, conferences and meetings, it’s easy to have their thoughts on what’s going on tomorrow. But by remembering to always focus on the student in front of them at the very moment the student is there both the teacher and student gain the true joy that learning gives. 

3) Never forget the joys and never forget the fun. Before concluding with the presentation’s uplifting ending, I love to share some of the more hilarious moments I’ve encountered in twenty years of working with students. An emergency, standby change of underwear is recommended for this very funny portion of the presentation. Of course, these kind of stories happen to everyone in education. The point is to enjoy and share them. 

4) Our educators are building the pillars of the future that will affect the worldfor generations to come. 
Five hundred years ago a man walks by three bricklayers. He asks each one the same question, “What are you doing?” 
The first one replies, “I’m laying bricks.” 
The second one replies, “I’m building a mighty wall.” 
The third one replies, “I’m building a beautiful cathedral that my children, their children and their children after them will enjoy for generations to come.” 

Our educators (and that includes everyone who works with our kids – teachers, counselors, staff, bus drivers – everyone) should have the viewpoint of the third bricklayer. They aren’t merely preventing kids from running in the hall or making sure they know 5 x 6 = 30. Our educators are building the pillars of the future that will affect the world for generations to come.

Your attendees will leave the presentation refreshed, inspired and more charged-up than ever to meet the challenges of their jobs. 

“Behind The Scenes!”

“Behind the Scenes” is the “faculty-friendly” version of Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show presentation. This version provides educators with a tool box of techniques to use in the class room via a “behind the scenes” viewpoint of the assembly seen by over 100,000 students a year. 

This program has one purpose: to equip the audience to communicate a bully-free school message with their students. 

And it’s based on a very important principle:  The Principle of the Full Tool Box. 

Fast food companies are in the business of selling food. 
They do this through… 
TV commercials
Radio ads
Asking you, “Do you want to supersize that?”
Tie-ins with movies, etc.

In other words, fast food companies have a full tool box of techniques to get us to buy their food. They know ONE tool really won’t do the job. To sell as many burgers as possible, you’ve got to use every tool you can. 

That’s where burgers and bullying prevention are alike! 
To stop bullying you need a tool box for the dozens of different bullying challenges educators face.  There are no “silver bullets” or “magic cures” that can take care of every single bullying situation, so you need to have several tools (techniques, ideas, approaches, plans) at your fingertips to deal with the bullying challenges that face you. 

This program will give you these tools while taking on a behind the scenes tour of America’s #1 bullying prevention program. You’ll learn the motivation and details behind the bully-free schools message with hands-on applications you can use in the classroom. 

Call the BullyFreeSchools Hotline 1-800-732-7469

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