Faculty Programs

“When you speak to thousands of students every year and do it well, you’re going to impress hundreds of educators.”

And they are going to ask you to speak to them at staff development days, inservice days and conventions .

Chris Dixon currently presents to programs…

Real Heroes Work In Schools and Memory Magic

“the best speaker they’ve ever had at an in-service”

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the in-service keynote message to our staff. Many teachers have commented on how much they enjoyed your presentation and several told me that you were the best speaker they’ve ever had at an in-service. I think the staff enjoyed your presentation topic as well as your ability t include magic and comedic style. Our staff heard an important message while being entertained and you helped to start their year off on a high note.
Thank you again for your message. It is important for teachers to be aware of their impact on children and to reminded that they do great things everyday in the classroom.”

Wesley W. Shipley, Program Director, Freeport Area School District, Freeport, PA

“the response from the teachers was unbelievable!”

Wanted you to know the response from the teachers was unbelievable! They had nothing but praise for the presentation. You have made a BIG impact on a small group of teachers and a bunch of kids. Thank you! Several have asked if you were coming back next year.”

Diane Kamphues, School Social Worker, Centreville Elementary School, Centreville, MI

“a great boost”

“Not only is it a great boost to hear that your job is meaningful and important, but it is also a great boost to be able to actually LAUGH OUT LOUD at an in-service training day.  Usually, those days are so stressful and draining, that we leave with our heads swimming.  This year we left with our lips smiling and our moods lightened. It was great!”

Kate Wolf, School Counselor, Jackson Elementary School, Johnstown, PA


 What Chris Dixon brings to your program… 

I don’t care if it’s a room full of third graders or a room full of third grade teachers, if the message isn’t delivered in a fun, engaging manner, the audience is lost.  All my presentations use humor and fun, magic visuals to illustrate the important points.

True-Life Inspiration
No one works with kids to get rich (Well, maybe Barney the Dinosaur, but nobody else.) We do it because we love kids and want to make a difference in their lives. My programs share real-life rubber-meets-the-road stories, both from my experience and educators I’ve encountered.  These true-life tales of “everyday teaching heroism” will leave your group uplifted and inspired.

Speaking Experience
Over twenty years of presenting programs. Over 250 presentations a year. The last thing you need is a speaker who doesn’t know how to connect with an audience. My speaking experience will guarantee a professional presentation.

Imagine this kind of teaching job: you are dropped into a “classroom” (meaning the ever popular multi-purpose-gym-a-café-torium) with over 300 elementary school students. You have 45 minutes to convey an important, detailed six-point lesson. If the kids don’t absorb the lesson, you’re fired. If that sounds a little rough, welcome to my world. I present over 200 bullying prevention assemblies a year. Each and every year over 80% of my clients are returning customers – dozens for the third, fourth, fifth and even sixth consecutive year. My experience as an educational specialist ensures your group will gain new insights.

Yes, magic. I use a little sleight of hand entertainment to illustrate my concepts in ways that are both fun and engaging for your group. Studies have proven that people retain more when the information enters their mind with an entertaining and visual aspect. Plus, magic puts an audience in a mood that’s both fun and analytical – the perfect mood when hearing an important message. This is almost unheard of in the speaking field, and it’s just one more method I use to engage your group and help them enjoy the presentation.