Family Night Shows

“Want to host a family night show that your kids AND parents will love?”

Yep. We can do that.

And we have TWO great family night programs you can host:

Houdini family night poster

The Seven Secrets Of Houdini Show
An hour plus of amazement, inspiration and fun! Get the details here.

The Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show TWO! (the sequel)
Host the Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show as a daytime assembly and then host it that evening with a difference! The evening show has the same great message as the daytime assembly but the message is shared with different comedy/magic illustrations.

What does this difference in shows do? The kids are extra excited for the evening performance  while allowing the parents to get on the same page with their children and the faculty. During the evening program they hear the same message the kids get but with special “parent-targeted asides” that focus on the bullying prevention issues of special importance to parents.

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