Character Education Assembly

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“The kids really enjoyed the assembly and it ties in well with what I teach every month.  Many of the teachers stopped me to tell me how great they thought you were.”
Counselor, Ellise Wolff Elementary, Henderson, NV

 “The Terrific Character show is a great program.  Doc Dixon has a unique way of discussing the six pillars, he gets the kids’ attention and they loved him.  The program is entertaining and the students learn something too!  I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to teach the importance of character education.  We plan on having Doc Dixon come yearly to our school!”
Counselor, Andrew Mitchell Elementary, Boulder City, NV

A student who gets straight As but has not learned the importance of good character is like someone who eats his favorite meal when he has a head cold. What’s going on inside him prevents him from enjoying what is in front of him.  

The six traits listed above are the foundational building blocks of good character. The Terrific Character Show™ shares these traits in a powerful way. 

“It’s not just reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic anymore.
There’s now a fourth R: Do the Right thing!”

For the past 10 years I have presented the hugely successful and popular Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show — America’s #1 Bullying Prevention Assembly. Seen by 100,000 students a year, its popularity is unparalleled, with many schools hosting the program five, six, seven and, yes, even EIGHT consecutive years. Students, educators and parents love it. Presenting the program 200-250 times a year across the country, I’m kept very busy. But yet even with kind of response, I still get requests for something new and a little different … something that’s less “thou shalt not bully” and more “thou shalt do good!” In other words … 

 “We love your bullying program. Do you have a character education program like it?” 

If I’ve heard that once I’ve heard it a hundred times over the past few years. The idea appealed to me, but I was hesitant to do anything that didn’t match up to the high standards of my bullying program. But in 2008 I finally found time to work on the script and support materials (an area where I’ve created something VERY special for this program.) Finally, all this work came together and resulted in a great assembly, The Terrific Character Show!

An Inspiring Six Point Message …

Your students will learn the values of ...
Trustworthiness — How to avoid three kinds of lies: lies that happen when they’re said, words that become lies after their said, when NOT speaking equals lying
Respect — treat others how you want to be treated and how they deserve to be treated
Responsibility — the importance of being responsible with others possessions, money, trust and time
Fairness — treat everyone equally well because even though we all look different, underneath it all we’re all the same in the important ways.
Caring — helping and giving to others
Citizenship — each and every student plays a part in making the school a safe, happy place.

But Having A Great Message Is Just HALF The Picture! Why?

The Best Message In The World Will Be Ignored If It Is Not Delivered In An Effective And Exciting Manner That Will Connect With Your Students!

It’s universally recognized fact that children love programs that have audience participation, comedy and magic. In this program, these qualities are used as powerful teaching tools without ever losing focus on the program’s message.

This combination of message and entertainment accomplishes three very important goals

First, it makes a very serious message fun to discuss without losing any of the message’s impact. Talking about character traits like trustworthiness and fairing can feel a little “heavy” to the average second greader.” By presenting this message in a fun, interactive way and still teaching the important lessons, all students benefit.

Second, the combination of message and entertainment makes the message easier to understand and remember. Most messages just enter the mind through the ears. The messages in the program enter the minds of your students through their ears, eyes, their own voices and audience participation. The program is a fun, highly visual experience. And don’t worry about not having enough space for this program — we are experts at bringing a VERY BIG SHOW to even the smallest schools. 

Third, only an entertaining program will keep your kids interested and focused. How many times have you experienced the horror of an assembly presenter that can’t control the kids? It’s the worst, isn’t it? That won’t happen with The Terrific Character Show™. We are the experts at creating assemblies that emphasize audience control and regularly receive comments like this: 

Q: “Chris, all of this sounds great — but how can a 45 minute assembly reinforce these traits in our students?”

A: I understand why you’d ask that. Too many assemblies are little more than “fun shows” without any life-changing merit. While fun has its place, I realize schools which host our program have something much more important in mind. If I was only offering your school a performance of this assembly, it would be worth every penny — but I have a little bonus for you when you host this assembly. 

Remember the movie “Willy Wonka”? And how every kid clamored for the “Golden Ticket”? When your school hosts The Terrific Character Show™ you will receive the character education version of the Golden Ticket — in fact, you’ll get SIX of them, one for each trait.

The Golden Books!

When you host our program we will provide with a Golden Books cd containing master copies of the six golden books, each one focusing on a different character trait.  These small, 2-1/2 by 4-1/4 inch eight page books are charming, cute and packed with inspiration about each trait. And because of the clever layout of the graphics, each book is made from a half of a sheet of paper and takes less than 10 seconds to complete!

Print one for every student or save them as rewards when you catch a student doing something right! 

Yes, Chris, I want more information about this great program! So What Should I Do Now?” 

It’s easy! To get more detailed information about this exciting program, including FEES (fees vary with travel times and number of presentations) and AVAILABLE DATES:  call our office at 1-800-732-7469

Yours In Successful Character Education,

Chris Dixon