What the schools say…

In my 30 years, this is one of the most effective assemblies I have ever witnessed. The message was VERY clear. This is one program that should be done yearly!”
Principal, Trevorton Elementary, Trevorton, PA

Definitely schedule it! A teacher of 20+ years said it was the best assembly she ever saw. Great combination of fun with an in important message!”
Counselor, Kratzer Elementary, Allentown, PA

The Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show has really begun to make a difference in our school.We are putting the Four S.T.A.R. Steps™ posters throughout the building to remind our students how to handle bullying. Mr. Dixon captivated our students attentions (not an easy task). They were talking about the presentation for weeks afterward. What an entertaining way to deliver such an important message to our kids. THANKS, Chris!”
Counselor, Miller Elementary, Dearborn, MI

“The program was informative and fun for all.I would highly recommend that you schedule the program for your students in grades K – 6.It was amazing and students really enjoyed it.”
Counselor, Coudersport Elementary, Coudersport, PA

“Thank you for coming to Powhatan Elementary School. The students and staff loved the program and I really think you will have made a difference in our school. We greatly appreciate your time and plan on following up with the lessons from the packet you are sending.”
Counselor, Powhatan Elementary School, Baltimore, MD

“It kept the students attention. They loved the magic. The message reinforced the counseling program — we love the S.T.A.R. acronym and the follow-up materials available to the teachers.
Assistant Principal, Bryant Middle School, Dearborn, MI

To say the kids were excited by your show is an understatement. They were ecstatic! Your combination of magic and a strong positive message is what children need to hear. On behalf of Smyrna Elementary I want to thank you for another great assembly.”
Teacher, Smyrna Elementary, Smyrna, DE

“Any program is only as effective as the follow-up that occurs. The support materials provide teachers with tools to provide reinforcement of the assembly message in an easy to use format.
Counselor, Louis Weiner, Jr. Elementary, Las Vegas, NV

The assembly holds the interest of the students from the start to finish and is loaded with important information and bullying prevention ideas.
Counselor, Harley A. Harmon Elementary, Las Vegas, NV

This was, by far, the most interesting, highly motivational program we have had.The students remembered the valuable information after the show.”
Principal, McAnnulty Elementary, Pittsburgh, PA

“Chris Dixon kept the students amazed and spellbound the entire show. The kids have used their cards and kept his message in mind. His messages were very important and the kids learned in a fun way. A definite must for any school!” 
Counselor, Allison Park Elementary, Pittsburgh, PA

“The advice given and the steps to follow are simple, yet effective. We can be a bully-free school as a result of this presentation.Thank you!”
Principal, Katherine Thomas Elementary, Windham, OH

Chris Dixon had the entire audience riveted, including our older students and even our teachers. His use of humor and magic to convey his powerful and informative message was a huge success!”
Counselor, West Hempfield Elementary, Irwin, PA

I would recommend this program to anyone who values character education. It blended well with our school message.”
Principal, Kyle School, Troy, OH

“The Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show is ideal for students in K-8.I give my highest recommendation for the program and the presenter, Chris Dixon”
Principal, St. Germaine School, Pittsburgh, PA

“Chris Dixon held the attention and control of the entire audience for the duration of the program — which is quite remarkable considering the attention span of K & 1 students. The children were entertained and included in the performance which relayed an important message.My class is still talking about it and they remember the Bully-Free Steps!
Teacher, Freeport Elementary, Freeport, PA

“Very informative and entertaining.Message was very clear and student participation was outstanding.
Principal, Falling Spring Elementary, Chambersburg, PA

“The presenter had great control of the students. He was prepared and the show flowed smoothly. It was obvious he had knowledge of how to interact with children. He was humorous, the content was relevant, and children were actually engaged.”
Teacher, Stewart Elementary, Lower Burrell, PA

“Great program!! The program was worthwhile and the students understood the message. They can identify a bully and know what to do when faced with a bully.
Principal, Curtisville Primary Center, Tarentum, PA

The program was fun for all. Students participated in the program and the no-bully message conveyed throughout.”
Principal, Allegheny Hyde Park Elementary, Leechburg, PA

“The show is truly amazing! The show was age appropriate.The parents attending were very impressed with the show. Thank you so much! We hope to see you next year!
Principal, Shaffer Primary, Pittsburgh, PA

“The program is a bargain! It was SUPER!”
Counselor, Rex Bell Elementary, Las Vegas, NV

“Excellent program! Great message along with amazing showmanship as well as crowd control.Students loved it!
Principal, South Buffalo Elementary

“I liked how bullying was described as “not letting other play” as well. That has helped us at our school.The Amazing Wonder Show is amazing and so is Chris.
Counselor, Martha P. King Elementary, Boulder City, NV