Get Kindergarten Up To Speed & Super Saving Deals!!

First, let’s get to the SUPER SAVING DEALS, then a great classroom exercise you can do with your kids. 

Over the next few weeks I’ll be presenting the Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show assembly in the following areas:

Yonkers, New York
North Central Pennsylvania 

All of these areas are far from my home and in all of these areas I have days available before and after my visit where I could fit YOUR school in at a greatly reduced fee. Why? I love presenting my assembly and helping kids become bully-free. Traveling, on the other hand, is not one of my favorite pastimes, lol. So if you book me when I’m ALREADY in your area, you can save BIG BUCKS. If you are near any of these areas or are in places between theses areas and the greater Pittsburgh, PA area a great deal is waiting for you. If you are one of the schools out there that have a super tight budget, but have always wanted to host our assembly, this could be your opportunity. 

Call our offices for dates & areas available — 1-800-732-7469.

Get Kindergarten Up To Speed

Would you like to encourage your kindergarten and first graders to do a better job at report bullying? Some of the challenge happens because the kids aren’t sure quite sure whom to tell. Sure, they know their teacher, but what if the teacher isn’t nearby and another suitable adult is? Create a Wall Of Helpers (WOH). A WOH is a simple way to get kids connected to all the people they can report bullying.

Take a photo of each possible person: teachers, principal, counselor, school nurse, etc. These picture don’t have to be “glamour shots”. Just every day, ordinary photos. Print them up. Then print up the adults; names small cards. A marker and construction paper will do nicely. 

Now you have the props, you’re ready to play! Have the kids match up the names (after you’ve read them aloud) with the picture of the adult. After only a few games the kids will know EVERYONE they can seek for help. Knowing the adult’s name goes a long way in getting kids connected and getting them to report bullying. 

BTW, while this is a good activity now, the idea is a GREAT activity for the beginning of the school year and gets the kids “up to speed” in a hurry. Make sure you bookmark it for next fall. 

Until next time — STAY BULLY-FREE!!

Chris Dixon

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