Four year old boys, backyard bathrooms and bullying


As long time readers of this newsletter know I have four sons at home — five year old Junior, four year old Steve, three year old Danny and nine month old Josiah. I like to share stories about them that illustrate important bullying lessons.

We live in a rural area. Our “backyard” is about 2 acres. And as you know if you’ve ever had young boys, that often means they don’t go inside the house to, well, pee. This can often lead to hilarious results. A year ago Junior was visiting me in my home office (a converted roadside garage about 100 fee from my house). Junior says to me, “Daddy, I have to pee. Can I pee outside?” 

I say, “Sure, son.”

I looked up expecting him to walk behind the building, deep into the yard.


He opens the door, unzips while facing the road and… does his business.  He then zips up and keeps on being a happy four year old boy. 

At the moment in my life I had an important lesson reinforced:

“Be as specific as you can when giving instructions to young children.”  

That’s true with backyard bathroom practice and it’s important with bullying prevention.

Too many bullying assemblies give kids platitudes and instead of concrete, action-based instruction! With our Four S.T.A. R. Steps™ and our nearly five pounds of support curriculum, your children will clearly, comprehensively and easily know what to do when they encounter bullying.

Your March/April = Your September/October

Do you want to get next school year off to the most bully-free start ever?! NOW is the time to schedule your September or October Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show assembly. For the past dozen years our September and October have been the busiest time for our assemblies. Every fall I present the program over hundred times. That’s a full schedule. So don’t delay, get your kids America’s Best Bullying Prevention Assembly! Call today!

Call our offices for dates & areas available – 1-800-732-7469.

Until Next Time – Stay Bully-Free! 

Chris Dixon 1-800-732-7469 

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