Make THIS School Year Bully-Free!!


If you look closely, you can see the blue and white halo around Junior’s head.

Yesterday my wife and I sent our four year old Steve and our five year old Chris, Jr. off to their first day of pre-K and Kindergarten.
The kids did well.
I’m fine.
Mommy, as most Mommies are on that first day of school, is still emotionally recuperating.

This Thursday is MY first day of school, with a morning of assemblies in Northwestern Pennsylvania. As much as it hurts to admit this, my wife won’t be so emotionally distraught to see me leave the house! LOL

This is “Book your bullying assembly NOW” month!

The beginning of the school year is THE time to lay the foundation for a bully-free year and there’s no better way to do that than the BIG IMPACT that the Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show provides.

Nobody gives your school a better presentation, an educational souvenir for each student, nearly five pounds of support materials and a track record of schools that have hosted our assembly 8,9,and even TEN years in a row!

With many schools calling our office every day, our fall calendar is going to fill up quickly. Don’t be left out!

Call our office for available dates – 1-800-732-7469.
Or visit our website and fill out the info request form.

Until Next Time – Stay Bully-Free! 

Chris Dixon  1-800-732-7469 

P.S.#1: Would you like a faculty presentation that is fun and entertaining as it is informative and practical?  This presentation is specifically designed for conventions and inservice meetings. Then your group should host, “Real Heroes Work in Schools!™”

To get more information, visit this page

NOW is the time to prepare for your next in-service day — call today!  SEE YOU THIS FALL!! 

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