Valentine’s Day Classroom Anti-Bullying Magic!

Message: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a trick that illustrates the hurt of painful words and healing power of helpful, kind words. A paper heart is shown. As it is torn to pieces, a different hurtful remark is mentioned. The students are asked for helpful, caring words that would support the bullying victim. As these words are said, the once torn heart is restored!

Trick: You tear a paper heart into pieces. The students say the “magic” words and the torn pieces magically come back together!

The Secret: Cut out two identical hearts from red paper. Tissue paper or other thing paper works best. Construction paper usually too thick for this trick. Get a glue stick and you’re ready to prepare for this trick. Before the performance fold the second heart into a small square and paste it to the back of the first heart. During the trick tear the first heart into pieces and keep putting the them in front while the second napkin stays hidden in back. Fold the torn pieces forward into a small package. Turn the whole bundle over and unfold the second napkin while you keep the bundle of torn pieces towards you and behind the first napkin.

Be sure you try this in your classroom. Like many things in magic, the method is simple but the impact can be HUGE

The Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show assembly is still the BEST, MOST EFFICIENT way to get all of your students back on the right track for the second semester. It’s more than just great assembly presentation. It’s a great assembly presentation coupled with enough support materials to fill up your entire bullying prevention calendar! (You do have a bullying prevention calendar, don’t you?)

Get more information about getting the assembly at your school here or call 1-800-732-7469.

Until next time — STAY BULLY-FREE!!

Chris Dixon

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