The NEW and EVEN BETTER Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show for Fall 2012

Over the next month nearly a hundred schools will schedule their fall 2012 Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show — what about you??!

Our Spring 2012 brochure! Five thousand schools will receive it in a week!

What’s NEW for Fall 2012 & Beyond for America’s #1 Bullying Prevention Assembly?

I’m taking the Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show and making it even better with:

  • Increased program graphics (That’s a techy way to say an already great program will have more visual appeal and impact with message banners to convey the program’s main points. )
  • A NEW DVD for fall 2012! Schools love that our program comes with nearly five pounds of support curriculum, including a DVD. We’ll be shooting and producing a new one this summer. 
  • Even MORE support curriculum! 45 lesson plans, student handouts, educational souvenir for each student — sure, nobody else gives that with their bully assembly, but in fall 2012, will be giving EVEN MORE! 
  • And most of all, YOUR STUDENTS will be new to our program!! Hosting a great bullying prevention assembly like our is a lot like taking a bath: just because you’ve done it once doesn’t mean you shouldn’t  do it on a regular basis! That’s why schools have us return 8, 9, and 10 years in a row. 

What’s THE SAME for Fall 2012 & Beyond for America’s #1 Bullying Prevention Assembly?

Still the best assembly ever!
Still the best action-based, kid-friendly-language, research-based program!
Still a program that excites, informs and motivates your kids!
And STILL a program that gets accolades like this: 

In my 30 years, this is one of the most effective assemblies I have ever witnessedThe message was VERY clear. This is one program that should be done yearly!”
Principal, Trevorton Elementary, Trevorton, PA

Definitely schedule it! A teacher of 20+ years said it was the best assembly she ever sawGreat combination of fun with an in important message!”
Counselor, Kratzer Elementary, Allentown, PA

The Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show has really begun to make a difference in our school. We are putting the Four S.T.A.R. Steps™ posters throughout the building to remind our students how to handle bullying. Mr. Dixon captivated our students attentions (not an easy task). They were talking about the presentation for weeks afterward. What an entertaining way to deliver such an important message to our kids. THANKS, Chris!”
Counselor, Miller Elementary, Dearborn, MI

 My goal is to make the 2012/2013 school year our biggest, most impacting year EVER! I want to help at least 100,000 kids have a bully-free school! Join me and host our assembly! Get all the information you need here!

Until next time, STAY BULLY-FREE!


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