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Stopping bullying in a lunch bag

Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about school lunch box notes.

Ms. Swanson, an associate professor of architecture at the University of Kentucky, likes to show her kids she loves them with art and notes. “You could probably psychoanalyze moms by the notes they leave in their kids lunches,” she says.

The lunch-box note used to be an occasional smiley face on scratch paper. Now it’s an elaborate fixture of the school cafeteria. Some kids complain when they don’t get a lunch note. Or they may compare lunch notes with friends. Parents hear about it when their efforts fall short.

I can’t help but think there’s some application here to bullying prevention, not only in lunch bags but on lunch trays, too.

Read the article and let me know what you think…

“January, it’s like the beginning of a brand new year!” 

For the past dozen years the months of September and October have been the busiest period for my Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show assembly. The second busiest? January! It’s the time where educators every where realize…  

Bullying prevention is like bathing, just because you did it yesterday doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it today! 

And there’s no better way to jump start that “second bath” than hosting the Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show assembly program.  Get on board with us for the winter of 2012! Call 1-800-732-7469 or fill out the form here to get all the details, including available dates and fees. 

Until next time, stay bully-free!

Chris Dixon

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