Happy New Year!

Happy New Year & Welcome Back!

As the second semester begins, don’t forget bullying prevention is like bathing — just because you did it last month doesn’t mean you don’t need to do it now.  

But it’s snowing outside…
And it’s wicked cold (at least in Pittsburgh)…
And would it be bad to just coast just this one time? 

Well, yes. Successful bullying prevention is accomplished through a plan that emphasizes the consistency of daily & weekly smaller actions & events working with less frequent, large events like assemblies

The Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show assembly is still the BEST, MOST EFFICIENT way to get all of your students back on the right track for the second semester. It’s more than just great assembly presentation. It’s a great assembly presentation coupled with enough support materials to fill up your entire bullying prevention calendar! (You do have a bullying prevention calendar, don’t you?) 

Get more information about getting the assembly at your school here or call 1-800-732-7469.

Until next time — STAY BULLY-FREE!!

Chris Dixon

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